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Collaboratively edit scribes before exporting

My colleague and I both have pro subscriptions.  I need to finish editing the scribe that she began on my account - what is the best way for her to share the raw file with me for me to finish this project?

Since she used your account, she can save it to your online directory and then you can open it from your online directory.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike, we both have two separate subscriptions so unfortunately accessing via online directory is not an option.

I'm sorry, when you said she started a scribe on your account , I thought you meant that she could log into your account.

If that is not the case, close the scribe, right-click (I think that would be ctrl+click if you use a mac) the thumbnail image for the scribe and choose "export to file".

Then save the exported scribe file to a location of your choice and email it to her.

When she gets the file she can import it via the import icon in the upper right corner of the directory page:

(this answer pertains to version 1.3.26 of videoscribe and may or may not apply to other versions)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Is it possible to share a scribe between two accounts on 2.01? The same scenario as above, I need to edit a colleagues scribe. If they export the scribe, what format should they export to that would allow me to then import and edit. 


Hi Betty. When you export a scribe file the format will have to be .scribe.

This is done automatically when you choose the export option.

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