Upgrading from VideoScribe version 1.3/1.4 to VideoScribe version 2.0

  • Have you got anymore information on whether I should upgrade to Version 2.0?

  • VideoScribe version 2.0 was released on 9 June 2014 and has initially been made available to new users via automatic download when registering for a trial.

    We will be rolling out version 2.0 to all Pro users in the next few weeks but you are welcome to download and install version 2.0 ahead of time if you wish. Log in to your VideoScribe account for the download link.

    If you’re considering upgrading to version 2.0 but want to know more about it, please see the release notes on the Sparkol blog. We have also created 4 core tutorials to help you get started using VideoScribe 2.0.

    Below is a quick FAQ guide to upgrading:

    1. Will I lose my existing projects if I upgrade?
    No, all your saved projects will still be available if you decide to upgrade to version 2.0.
    However, once you upgrade from version 1.3.26/1.4 to version 2.0, your projects may no longer be compatible with previous versions. Please ensure you have saved your projects before upgrading.

    2. Why can’t I upgrade to VideoScribe 2.0 automatically?
    Version 2.0 is quite different to former versions, so Pro users may want to complete projects with their current version before familiarising themselves with the new one.
    If you are keen to try version 2.0, we have made it available for download on the Summary page in your VideoScribe account.

    3. What if I have problems with the new version?

    We have been testing 2.0 extensively and don’t anticipate any issues. However, you should report any problems by raising a support ticket or posting a new question to the VideoScribe Community. Support will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    4. Will I lose any of the 1.3.26 functionality in the new version?

    No, you should find the interface of version 2.0 much easier to navigate – however, some things have been replaced. The help text (which appears when you hover over icons) has been removed. VideoScribe now also uses your native explorer to import an image from your computer (please see the release notes). The project search bar has been replaced in favour of a new folder system which will make ordering and organising your projects simpler.

    We have also removed the Dropbox import option, but you will still be able to import from Dropbox if you have the Dropbox folder application installed. 

    5. Are you going to release version 2.0 for mobile devices?

    Yes, we are planning on releasing version 2.0 for iPhone, iPad (iPad 2 or higher) and Android in the next few weeks. Once this version is available you will be able to upgrade in the manner you would any other app, e.g. via Appstore/Google Play.

  • So is there an overview video of version 2 telling us how it's different?  I'd prefer not to trawl through the tutorials if possible but there are lots of us who need to make a decision whether to upgrade.  Cheers Fiona

  • Hi Fiona, thanks for the feedback. That is a good idea although we do not have a video yet.

    The information above highlights the key changes and we also have a number of tutorials on Version 2.0 as well.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Joe gives good advice...BUT I disagree with some of the above and it should be very clear to Version 2 pro users there are issues:

    1. Will I lose my existing projects if I upgrade?

    Joe says:No: BUT - what you should know is you cannot go back once you make changes to a scribe in version 2. This caused me Major issues as I made many changes in a single day, and worse, deleted many older scribe version which I now regret


    2. Why can’t I upgrade to VideoScribe 2.0 automatically?

    Seriously folks, there are many advantages, but there are some BIG disadvantages....while the speed has improved, the file structure is improved, and I would say overall, really good ideas, some of the internal changes really caused me anguish....call it upgrader's remorse...

    4. Will I lose any of the 1.3.26 functionality in the new version?

     Joe says No - BUT I say yes. The new drawing feature is in a word horrible. The old feature of bringing in a JPG and having the pen redraw it just worked for me - particularly on portraits and scientific drawings, and real graphs of real data.....worked really really well..... the new drawing now has only 6 options and none of them are good  in my opinion.  They look cheap. I wont use them at all. I have made a video which compares the exact same drawings done with the old version and the new version. I plan to post it somewhere so potential upgraders will be very cautious if this is an important feature. Worse once you bring in an image once, you can't change the way it is imported to a scribe....so you cant get more than one (bad) way of drawing it. This is not intelligent. let the user decide how to import their images please.  To me, it was one of the most important features and it was dropped. Why remove a core feature is beyond my - but whoever supported this, please sit in the corner with the dunce hat on.

    Do I like the version 2 concept?  Yes I do, but I don't expect a core feature to be removed when upgrading. Finally, beware of the link provided to download the SVG displayer. I downloaded this, and it brought with it a ton of Trojans...nasty difficult to remove. If you are going to provide a link to software, please provide one that is actually safe. This one is most definitely not safe.

  • Hi JP, I believe you have raised a ticket regarding some of these points so apologies if you have already seen this response.

    This post was just a quick FAQ to give a good outline of differences between the two. There are links to the new tutorials and release notes available in the post.

    Question 1 and 2. 

    The projects have not been lost by upgrading. As stated we do advise that once you upgrade you cannot revert back to version 1.3.26. It is also why we have not automatically upgraded people to version 2.0 but have given the option to upgrade instead as per the reasons listed in this post.

    4. I have listed the main differences. You can still import images but it works different. It also advises to see the release notes which has a more detailed listings on the key features of VideoScribe 2.0.
    We are working on improving the import feature of Jpeg/PNG images. The old way had it own issues which do not exist anymore in version 2.0 (e.g. causing VS to crash, Negative image on import, Image just appearing instead of being drawn). 

    We recommend using SVG's with VideoScribe which work much better and have a number of good resources via instant answers both from Sparkol and users on how to create good ones. Of course you can still import Jpegs/PNG's.
    Regarding not being able to select the import option once an image is imported. It sounds like you're selecting it from the recent images list rather than selecting the file from your computer again.  If you select the original file from your computer, you will have the importing options. Recent images works the same way as favourites did in the last version.
    Also if you watch our tutorials on version 2, we do show you how importing Jpegs/PNG's work in the new version. The link to the tutorials are in my original post.

    The SVG viewer extension is a third party site which we advise on our page however, I have been on this site and we have not had feedback about this from other users so far. Can you elaborate what trojans have appeared? Trojans are normally installed as part of a program so visiting a site would not usually install them unless you got some kind of pop-up and then installed something (Trojans like in the story of the Trojan horse are typically embedded in software you install).

    I have scanned the installer (both 32 and 64 bit versions) and there were no virus/malware or trojans detected. I also did a check on the website to check if it was Safe Via Norton Safe web and no issues were reported (https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=https%3A%2F%2Fsvgextension.codeplex.com%2F).

    General good practice would be to download software, and scan it before installing. If you still have the downloaded file, can you right click on it and scan it for any Malware?

    If you have more information on the trojans that appeared, please advise further and we can look into it.

    Sorry that you have not had a great experience with version 2.0 we do believe generally it is better and understand some people will miss some of the old features in version 1.3.26

    Thanks, Joe

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