"Unknown Developer" and "Certificate Problem" with Version 2.0 installer on Mac OSX

  • Hello, 

    I am getting error messages attempting to install the released version VideoScribe 2.0 on Max OSX 10.8.5. I know these problems existed in the beta versions, but I do not want to install software with possible problems on a production machine. 

    Can the VideoScribe installer and certificates be fixed? If not, can Sparkol please explain the problem completely, and why it has been going on for so long? Again, this is a production machine, where we generally have a policy against installing software that generates these kinds of errors. 

    The error messages are attached as screen shots. The first error (shown second below, although I uploaded it first) shows what happens when I click on the installer app. When I override the security settings (breaking our policy!), I received the second error. 

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  • Hi Dave,

    The certificate error is related to Adobe Air and is described here Certificate problem on installation

    Adobe advise that this issue is generally due to not having the latest version of Adobe Air installed.

    We do not use the Apple Appstore so you will always see the 'unknown developer' message and this is described here Error when installing on a Mac


  • Hi Andy,

    Thanks! You may want to consider adding your comments to the release notes for Version 2.0.

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