Change fps with Version 2

  • I'm using the Windows version 2. How can I change the fps as I seem to only get a choice of format and size.

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  • Crucial question. Hope to hear an answer from Sparkol soon.

  • Hi,

    With version 2.0 the frame rate is fixed.

    We will be releasing another version in July which will have the framerate selectable again.

    In the meantime you can stick with version 2.0 and fixed framerates or go back to version 1.3.26 but please be aware that if you have created or modified any scribes in version 2.0 you will not be able to open them in version 1.3.26.


  • What is the frame rate Andy because most other movie editors prefer 30 fps and I bet you are set for 25. Im not sure if it will make a difference, was just asking.


  • Hi 

    Yes, it is currently set at 25 fps


  • This should be described in the release notes. 

    Everything that Sparkol knows about the limitations of a release should be described in the release notes. It seems silly that users should have to discover and discuss these things before Sparkol will say "With version 2.0 the framerate is fixed at 25 fps."

  • Ya... It seems silly for sure :)


  • Can we also have the ability to manually dial in the frame sizes too?

  • I mean have that ability returned as it was in v1.3.26

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