add music as a intro and at end to sh ow credits

  • I have a voice over file I am uploading, but I want to add music at the intro and at the end while i show credits. Can I do this using one of the Viedo scribe music files

  • VideoScribe does not give much control over audio-it's an animation package. You are better off using an external video editor to assemble the audio and video the way you want. 

    Here's a workaround: since you are uploading a separate voiceover file, use an audio editor to add the music to that. First ten seconds music, then music fades down and voice starts, then music comes back up for final 30 seconds. Import the voiceover+music file and you are done.

  • Audio management well, sucks. I've recorded 2 kids that voice at various parts of my scribe but I have no control on when they come in for each of the segments. You're forcing me to produce what I have in Final Cut Pro...not good, way too much work. 

    Fix these issues and you really have something. 

  • Thanks Klem

    We don't have a lot in 'Ideas and Feature Requests' yet regarding the timeline, though we've got a lot of ideas ourselves of what we want to do with it.  Attaching sound to specific elements, perhaps, is one example.

    Any ideas that you can post in there - including any further thoughts you can give on how you would like to see your 'two kids' scenario working - would be gratefully received.

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