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png import images in videoscribe v2

Do not you can import the images as was done in version 1? there is only one pre-designed menu. can you help please!!

In the image dialogue window, click on the folder icon in the bottom left.

What if you don't have a folder icon? I am on an iPad

The folder icon is for importing images from a computer hard drive. On an iPad (there is no hard drive), there is probably a camera icon to import images from the camera roll and a globe icon for downloading images from web addresses.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Mike is correct. VideoScribe Anywhere has a camera and globe icon in the same area of the screen

I've currently using the trial version of VideoScribe. The image import options I'm given don't include PNG or JPG, only SVG, GIF, BITMAP or ZIP. Are the PNG and JPG options only available to paid users?

No, png and jpg are not only for paid users.

If you wish to import a png or jpg, just access the image import menu, then navigate to a folder containing a jpg or png image and import it.

If that does not work, please take a screenshot of the symptom you are describing and attach it here.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

@Mike Thank you!

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