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Scribe Won't Open

A video that I have created, exported and continued to work on shows up on the home page with the elements, but it either spins when I try to open it, or opens and says it's blank. I'm not sure why, when I can see the elements on the homepage. 

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The symptom you described could possibly be the result of:
1) scribe failed to save or open properly due to one or more faulty elements in the scribe
2) videoscribed was closed before the file finished saving.
3) other less likely possibilities

Step 1: on the homepage, in the local directory, open the "autosave_backup" file (usually the last scribe listed I think). If it contains your most recent work then use "save as a NEW COPY and close" to save it with a new name. Do not just start working on it or resave it as the autosave backup if you wish to continue working on it.
step 2: if that doesn't work, then close all scribes and right-click the thumbnail image for the scribe that will not open properly. Then choose" export to file and save it as a .scribe file on your hard drive.  After it has saved, IMPORT it by clicking the import icon:

if there is salvagable data, this process may help you recover it. If the import fails completely then the file may not be recoverable.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Emily,

If you still have a problem after following Mike's advice then please Save your scribe online and let us know the name and we can see what we can recover for you.


Hi I can't seem to open my scribe on my iPad aa well and it shows a blank project. Neither can I save it online. What can I do? I finished my project and was just short of exporting it. 8th time Im redoing it and I feel like tearing my hAir out now.

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Hi Tom, sorry you have this problem.

There is general advice on issues with iPads

If these do not help, I would suggest raising a support ticket for further advice.

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