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  • What is the eye icon suppose to do in the lower right hand corner?  I'm guessing it's suppose to bring the highlighted image to the CAMERA VIEW.  But clicking it (when the text or image is highlighted) does nothing.  I'm assuming that the camera images above it set the camera image (with the check mark) and remove the camera image (with the X in it).

    This new version is very difficult to navigate.  Why don't labels appear when moving your mouse over an icon or button?  Please, please, create labels that appear when you hover your mouse over icons and buttons!

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  • The eye icon is a very clever tool designed to help when you have multiple overlapping objects on the canvas:

    • If you select an item on the timeline and click the eye icon on that timeline item, the item is hidden on the canvas. This allows you to work on items that appear behind that item (earlier on the timeline).
    • Click the eye icon on an item again, and it reappears.
    • If you click the eye icon on the lower-right of your VideoScribe window, all hidden items reappear. 
    Sparkol, please restore the help help text that appears when you hover your cursor over a button or control. Thank you.
  • In the version prior to 2.0, you could click on a button that forced the camera to go right to an object's (text or image) camera position.  Where is that option now?

  • The "View Camera" button is sorely missed in Version 2.0, unless I just haven't found it.

  • Hi!
    A bit of a clarification:
    1) In version 1.3.26 The camera icon had three options for a selected element (set camera, VIEW CAMERA, and clear camera). The magnifying glass icon zoomed to show all elements. In version 2.0 the new icon to show all elements is in the lower left of the canvas and it looks like a two ended diagonal arrow. These icons (zoom in, zoom out, show all elements...) in the lower left might be better off in the lower right, closer to where they used to be in previous versions so they can be found more easily.

    2) In version 1.3.26 the other way you could zoom to an element's current camera position was to click the thumbnail for that element twice in the element tray. The same thing works in version 2.0

    On a related note, I would like to mention, and I hope everyone (especially support) will agree: VERSION 2.0 NEEDS POPUP HELP LABELS ON EVERY ICON AND BUTTON because without the popup help, 2.0 is more confusing and less user friendly than the previous versions (especially since the appearance and locations of some buttons have been changed). The tutorials are not an adequate solution n my opinion.

    (If there are popup help tags, they do not work on my computer)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi

    Mike is absolutely correct - if you double click on the thumbnail in the timeline it zooms to the elements current camera position.

    We are looking into putting the tooltips back in the new version.


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