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Hebrew support

Does VideoScribe support:

1. Hebrew fonts

2. Right-to-left writing animation?

Thank you!

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Hi Ori,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Yes, VideoScribe 2.0 can import a Hebrew true type font, or any other true type font.

Right to Left is also included in version 2.0 

Right to left is labelled as 'draw backwards' in the text properties


I have trial version 2.0 for Win.

I imported Hebrew fonts.

When I type in the text in the text box, it has to be typed backwards (last letter first and first letter last). Otherwise the text comes out reversed.

It seem impractical working this way.

Hi Avi,

I understand your issue and I have added a post to the Ideas and Feature Requests section here

You can review it and click on 'Do you like this idea' if you want to vote for it

Our Development team review these requests and consider them for future releases.



How able making a tutorial to show customers how to use Hebrew and Arabic fonts.



We have a tutorial on importing fonts as SVG image files that you may find useful.

The tutorial features an older version of VideoScribe and the demonstration uses Chinese text but the principals will still apply for Arabic and Hebrew and for the latest version.

There is also a thread here that may be useful:



Has the issue with writing hebrew in scribe been solved? I do not have the option to make/use SVG files and the large amount of text i have cant be written backwards.

You need three things to draw Hebrew text:
  • Use a Hebrew font - start with Arial (Hebrew) because it's a standard, stable font. You can try others, too, but starting with Arial (Hebrew) will help you debug if you run into issues.
  • Type your Hebrew text backwards (reversed order) - or use this for automatic reversing:
  • AND select "draw backwards" 
Videoscribe would then draw the Hebrew text in correct order. Admittedly, it's not perfect but it works beautifully.

If you create something nice in Hebrew, send me a link!

Thank you so much!! Working on it right now.... hope to send you some results soon!

Off this topic i have another problem: I cant make scenes.... I create a scene, move downwards/sideways but the camera stays on the first scene. This way i can create a story.....

Can you explain how to do this?

thanks, esther

Dear Edo (admin), I have not been able to make it work properly........ 

So i use text reverse but than it also reverses the words so i have to change that back manually. 

Do you have any further advise and/or is anyone else struggeling with this?

Hi Esther

To create a new scene, move to a blank part of the canvas and add an element (image or text). The video tutorials are the best way of learning how to do this.

VideoScribe v2 tutorial 1 – Creating your first scribe

VideoScribe v2 tutorial 2 – Tuning your scribe - this tutorial goes through camera positioning.

VideoScribe v2 tutorial 3 – Enhancing your scribe

VideoScribe v2 tutorial 4 – Bringing your scribe to life

With regard to reversing the text I am not sure I understand why you do not want the words to be reversed. I am not too familiar with Hebrew but if you could explain with a bit more detail I may be able to help.

Esther, sorry for the long delay but here's the way I use Sparkol Videoscribe with Hebrew.
Here are the steps:

1) In the text tool, select a Hebrew font such as "Arial (Hebrew)". If you don't see a Hebrew font in the font selection screen - make sure you import a Hebrew font into Videoscribe.  

2) Type your text backwards - for example for "שלום" type "םולש"  

3) In the element's properties, select "draw backwards"

4) You may encounter spacing/kerning issues - my workaround is to split each problematic word into several elements. 

5) If you do end up with sebveral words, make sure that in the text properties, "Transition time" is zero. Even so, you may need to edit out a frame between elements in post-production.

I know it isn't perfect - but it works!   

(Mathew,  reversing the input text is required because as it is, it seems Videoscribe treats all fonts as LTR fonts. It always positions text in LTR order and also, the hand draws the text in LTR order. The steps outlined above are a workaround)

Please find a solution for all the heberw (RTL) issues.

In the new version 3.0.2 the hebrew file name titles show up as ???????

it shouldn'e be such a big issue to fix, and would make a hugh difference in work.


Hi Barak,

What font are you trying to use that's showing up as ???????, are you using Windows or Mac OS?

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