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Select Multiple scribes mac

Hi everyone. How can i select multiple scribes on the latest version for mac. Holding down control or command doesn't seem to work.

Hi Irina,

I assume that you mean select multiple elements rather than scribes.

Here is an example...

I have a scribe with 3 elements in it.

Open the scribe and it will look like this

I selected the first image by clicking on it and it looks like this...

I then hold down Ctrl on a PC or Cmd on a Mac and clicked on the second image on the canvas or in the timeline and it looks like this...

You can see the 2 elements selected on the canvas and the 2 elements highlighted on the timeline.

And again for all 3...

Please let me know which part of that process is causing a problem.



Hi andy, thanks for the quick reply. yes i mean multiple elements in a scribe. I have downloaded the latest version for mac osx but holding down control doesn't select any additional elements in mac.

Hi Irina,

So if you go through the steps I outlined at what point does your VideoScribe not work like my VideoScribe in the pictures?


Hey Andy, I started to have these issues as well. Not at first. When I first started  things worked fine but the more complex the scribe got, the more things started to go wrong, including slectiing multiple scribes. I was pondering if the issue started to happen because I was using voice over or because of the zooming in  and out. Anyways, I went back to 1.3.26 to complete the job.

Hi Irina 

Are you using the trackpad on your Mac? 

If you are could you try using a mouse instead and see if that makes any difference?


IMPORTANT: As noted in at least one other Q&A thread, Mac users have to hold down the Command key ... not the Control key ... for multiple selections. This is an OS thing.

The following piece of advice is not meant to be snarky, but ... Andy and other VideoScribe support staff, please become more familiar with Mac OS X as a platform. Strong knowledge of Apple's environment could avoid issues like this (mistaking Ctrl key multiple selects with Cmd key multiple selects), which could only confuse and frustrate users more.

Do you have dedicated Mac test systems at VideoScribe HQ (particularly for support)? If not, I strongly recommend acquiring those as soon as possible.



Hi Irina,

I have updated this post to use the Cmd key on a Mac. 

Does this help? If not could you close down VideoScribe and open it again and try again

Thanks to Jason for the info on the Cmd key


nope - not working for me  - it's very frustrating

Hi ,

Charles, can you please

1) describe what version (number) of videoscribe you are using,

2) are you a new user or was something working before that has stopped working now...

3) what operating system you are using,

4) specifically what you are doing, and

5) the result that you are seeing .

6) did you try restarting videoscribe as suggested?

or/also, per another thread:
You can set up your mouse for right clicking which will avoid you having to use the [cmd] button.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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