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What happened to all the fonts besides "Basic" in version 2.0?

My workgroup standardized on the built-in "Block" and "Script" fonts for virtually all of our pre-2.0 projects. With the new version, the only built-in carryover font appears to be "Basic." What happened to the Outline, Marker, Script, and Block fonts?

While the new system font importing functionality seems wonderful, we really need the "Block" and "Script" fonts back at least ... or else none of our version 2.0 projects will match the pre-2.0 projects in terms of typefaces. I would, however, recommend that you resurrect all the old bundled fonts regardless for project continuity sake.



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If you open an old scribe created in version 1.3.26 that has one of those fonts in it VideoScribe will create the font for you and you can then use that font in any scribe.

So, using this you can use all of the old fonts or there are many true type fonts available that will be similar.



I have a similar but different problem.  I enter text - the text appears properly in the text box.  But when the box appears on the canvas, the "6" is always missing. It's happened more than once.  It appears in the origial dialog box, in the dialog box specific to that element, but not on the screen.  So far only for the number "6"

Hi Denise,

Which font are you using when you get this problem?

If it is Calibri and you are running version 1.3.x of VideoScribe (click on the VideoScribe pen on the home screen for version information) then this is a known problem and I would recommend that you install version 2.0 which is available here


In version 2.0, I have been using a font called Segoe Print ... it was pretty close to the Markers font in the earlier version

I like the font a lot. Problem is that it cuts off the bottom the "g"s ... any way to fix that?

Several of the fonts that I have tried put way too much space between lines or the spacing between the individual letters doesn't look consistent.  Is there a list anywhere of the fonts that actually work well without either of these two issues?

What fonts work the best in place of Markers?


Thanks John.  I've passed your issue on to the developers to take a look at.

We don't have a list of good fonts as yet.  I think in general people are finding most work well though there are still issues with a few.  We'd like to hear about any with issues, so please keep them coming.  If people think a list of ones that work well and they like is also worth having, let's have it!

I like using Areal Black and Bradley Hand though, I admit it, I'm not much of a font guru..

So if VideoScribe version 1.3.26 can "create a font for you to use in any version" how do you get it out? Can it be downloaded as a truetype or open face format and uploaded again in 2? All my work on one project has used the 'block' font so I'm unable to upgrade for fear I'd loose consistency in the large project I'm right in the middle of. :(


according to the previous comments:

1) make a scribe with one of the default fonts in version 1
2) open the scribe in version 2 so that you can use the font in version 2


Thanks for these tips! I was missing some of the old fonts. Opening up an old project that used the fonts did just the trick to get them imported into version 2.

I upgraded to the beta (Nov 2014) but have lost the 'Marker' font, which is one I use consistently in all my projects. I have tried to open a couple of scribes that I did with the older version of Sparkol, and I see my 'Marker' text on the screen but not on the item options display.

When go to the new scribe in the beta, the Marker is still not there. Please advise me how to get it back. I am on a PC.

Hi Sheila, thanks for getting in touch.

Version 2.0 did not come packaged with the following default fonts:

Marker, Outline, Script, Block

If you used version 1.3 and upgraded, you will still be able to choose these fonts as they were already installed.

If you installed any VideoScribe version 2 product on a computer that did not have 1.3 on previously, you would not have these fonts.

If you need these fonts again and used them on a previous scribe you can re-install it by manually importing this scribe or opening a scribe containing the font from your online directory.

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