Getting rid of Videoscribe Logo in Pro

  • I've just upgraded to Pro, and a Scribe that I was working on in the Trial version has got the VideoScribe logo in the lower RH corner. How do I get rid of it?


  • Never mind, asked and answered. The logo appears in the editing window, but not in the finished product.

    Question, then. Why would I want to see the logo there at all? That's working space!


  • Hi Steven,

    If you feel that the logo gets in the way you could add an entry to the Ideas and Feature Requests section here which will be reviewed by our development team.



  • According to the answer above: "The logo appears in the editing window, but not in the finished product. " That's not true ... I'm "finished" with my video and that logo still shows .... 

  • Hey Paula, are you using the Pro version 2, paid for? That's what I'm using, and for sure, my output movies are logo-free.


  • I'm still using the software that I used for the trial. I was under the impression that once I "upgraded" that I wouldn't need to "upgrade" the software too. where do I get the "pro version" software??

  • I am greatly appreciated with your assistance. Alas ... the "thank you for up-grading" e-mail that I received from sparkol mentions no instructions nor link to upgrade the software when I "upgraded" which would have saved us both time ;)

  • as soon as I paid for my Pro version, I got an email thanking me for upgrading, and my 'trial' login was now logging me in to the full version. if you can't get it to work, wait for the Sparkol folks to notice this thread (I'm just a lowly user, like you :) , or else send them an email.


  • I'm doin' an "experiment" now ....exporting from the "cloud version" ...  I'll let ya know Steven and I GREATLY appreciate your assistance in this matter. :) You are a TRUE helpful community member and I sincerely thank you :)

  • p.s. I'll let ya know the results cuz this could help someone out in the future if I'm on the right track ;)

  • Ah HA! SUCCESS! :)

    Desk-top version video (done in trial time period and saved "local") AND, when upgraded to "pro" will still show "sparkol" logo when rendered. One MUST "save" video to "online" (cloud) and THEN the sparkol stuff will be removed :) Steven again I want to thank you and have a very blessed year :)

  • Just to add a little clarification: As a general rule, you do not have to save online when you have upgraded from trial to pro to get rid of the watermark.

    1) restart videoscribe after your account has been successfully upgraded so your new account status will be in effect. (Sometimes the upgrade process takes hours due to the way Paypal process recurring payments.)

    2) be sure to click "create" to render the newest version instead of clicking "publish" which just saves a new copy of the previous render (with a logo on it)

    3) in any instance where your most recent changes (watermark removal, or anything else) STILL do not appear in the finished video, use "save as a NEW COPY and close" to save your scribe with a new name. Then open the new version and render it. Alternately, saving a copy online may have the same effect

    These steps generally always resolve the watermark problem in version 1.3.26 and probably work the same in other versions, although there may be issues with 2.0 that have not been documented yet.

    -Mike(videoscribe user)

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