Freezes at the end of creating the video

  • Hi,

    I've tried to create a YouTube version and a powerpoint version but each time it gets to the end with 'a few seconds remaining' it freezes.

    This means I can't share the video at all and I need to be able to do this during my free trial in order to show colleagues.

    I've tried the export then import method recommended in other threads but this has not made any difference or shown up any errors.

    Please advise.


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  • Hi Greg,

    Sorry to hear that.

    Have you included any of your own images in your scribe?

    If you Save your scribe online and let us know the name we can take a look and see what is causing the problem.



  • Ok - thanks.

    Will it be visible to anyone else or just the support team?

  • It's called Marketing drinks, please check it out.


  • Hi Greg,

    Don't worry it's only visible to you and the support team here at Sparkol - I will look at your scribe now


  • Hi Andy,

    Is there any update?


  • Greg,

    I have converted this to a support question so that we can communicate directly


  • Hi!

    I'm facing the same problem as Greg. Therefore I'd like to know if there is already a solution available.

    Many thanks in advance!


  •  Hi I am also having the same problem

    I am  a pro user of 2 months

    I have a windows 8.1 machine - high end spec and high capacity network

    I have created 5 scribes,

    Scribe 1 Ver 1 froze 3/4 through the creation of the video, I removed an image I had imported and that appeared to fix the issue.

    Scribes 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all on ver 2

    Scribes 3 and 4 both froze at the end when creating YouTube, or WMV

    However I did get them to create a FLV

    I have just created a new scribe using only standard library images and tried to export to powerpoint but it also froze

  • Hi,
    If you want specific feedback on a scribe, you can save it online and tell support the name, or you can attach your scribe here and other users may be able to provide feedback.

    There are known issues exporting from version 2.0 to powerpoint and WMV, but I don't think that clear causes have been identifed yet:

    general tips for avoiding freezing crashing etc: TIPS to avoid Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike

    I have attached the scribe less audio track as I was going to speak to the scribe using powerpoint or prezi

    I did get it to save in FLV but not Powerpoint or WMV



  • Hi

    We are investigating an issue that some people are getting with wmv rendering. Powerpoint, Youtube and Facebook all use wmv as well.

    If you can create flv files then you could use something like Freemake Video Converter to convert into wmv or many other formats as well.

    We hope to have a fix for this soon.



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