Unable to select and move elements

  • Hi,

    Two days into the trial and I'm having some frustrations with handling elements on the board. Once I've added them I'm unable to click on them and move them around the board. The only way to manipulate them at all is to double click in the timeline.

    Getting the bounding box by clicking in the timeline allows be to resize or rotate but not move. I'm also finding that what ever I've clicked stays selected even after I've released the mouse button.

    Finally, is there no way to do a test export even with watermarks to try this out before committing to pro?

    Many thanks!

  • Hi Gareth,

    These problems that you are experiencing - do they occur as soon as you start up VideoScribe or do you only get them after VideoScribe has been running for a while?

    On a similar note if you get these problems and you close down and reopen VideoScribe do the problems go away, for a while at least?

    You can publish your Video to Youtube, Facebook or to Powerpoint to see what the finished output will look like.



  • Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your reply. It seems to be a constant as it's occurring everytime I use it. I'm on Mac OS 10.9.3 and just update Air.

    Yup, have exported to YouTube (in progress...). Thanks.


  • Sorry, update to that. It's intermitted and starts after a while of using the software.

  • Hi Gareth,

    We have identified a problem with VideoScribe as follows...

    If you select one or more elements and with the mouse button held down, drag the cursor outside the canvas area and then release the mouse button. VideoScribe doesn't know that you have released the mouse button so when you bring the cursor back into the canvas area it still thinks that the mouse button is held down and moves the selected items around the canvas until you either click the canvas or click on the timeline.

    Does that describe the problem that you are seeing?


  • Hey Andy,

    Yup that's it. 


  • Hi Gareth,

    OK - we are working on fixing it and there will be a patch release soon.



  • Has there been a fix to this yet? I just downloaded the latest version of videoscribe and began having these mouse problems. Extremely frustrating.

  • Hi Richard,

    Version 2.0.2 has a number of improvements on the previous versions.

    This was released a few weeks ago. The issue quoted above only happen if you drag an item and the mouse goes out of the canvas area.

    This still occurs but it is easy to avoid.

    If you have upgraded to version 2.0.2 and have any other issues, please can you Create a Support Ticket

    with the details of your problem and we can investigate them for you.