• I have been bouncing back and forth between VS 1.3.26 and 2.0. Actually I installed 2.0 on my laptop and have 1.3.26 on my desktop

    I'm still treating 1.3.26 as my main program while experimenting with 2.0.

    Is anyone else having problems trying to sync a scribe with 2.0? I have done many with 1.3.26 but it seems to always be a hair off with 2.0. Anyone else?


  •  Thanks Sparkol for ignoring me again.

  • Hi Dan,

    We are not ignoring you - you put out a question to the general forum asking if anyone else is having problems.

    We are interested to hear others peoples experiences as well as you are but we cannot answer for other people.


  • Dan,
    Maybe you can provide a clearer description of the symptom you are experiencing... or even better: upload the same scribe rendered in 1.3.26 and 2.0 so other members can see the actual difference?

    or are you saying that you are not sure how to use all of the drawing time, pause time and transition time settings in 2.0?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  •  Mike

    Good questions and thoughts. I'm  over 500 scribes with 1.3.26 and probably 70% of them include syncing a voice over. So with 2.0, I pretty much did the same routine I do in 1.3.26 to sync a voice over.

    1. Upload voice

    2. use Pause and drawing time to sync element (text or image) with voice

    3. Render

    With 2.0 when I was done rendering the sync seem off  but while I was syncing the voice during creation, all seem ok when I played it back. So I"m not sure if there is an issue with the rendering process throwing the sync off or something else I'm not aware of.

    Oh well, maybe I will try again. Who knows, it could be something obvious I over looked. 

    Have you tried to sync a voice yet in 2.0.

    Thanks for your reply.


  •  Andy:

  • Hi Dan

    We've not seen this problem ourselves and - so far - it doesn't look as though anyone else has noticed it.  If you can upload (or save online) one of your examples of bad sync in V2 we'd love to take a look - there may be an issue we can fix...

  • Dan,
    (I noticed that you did not mention setting the transition times so maybe some default settings are contributing to the symptom?)

    If you take a scribe rendered in 1.3.26 and open and render it in 2.0 are the two videos identical or does 2.0 render it differently? If there is an actual bug or difference, that test may help identify it.


  •  Mike, you hit the nail on the head...that was it. Thanks

  • AWESOME! glad it helped and thanks for letting us know!


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