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No Library?

Version 2 user, and I have no library.

EDIT- In library, I have a white screen.  Nothing.

(ALSO, I )Click on Globe symbol and am told that I must be online to see online images.

I am online.  (SVG library goes to the site properly)


In version 1 the library worked well and had a good amount of images there.


Please help.

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After you click the "add image" icon, a menu pops open.

Regarding the original version of the above question:
On that new menu, the GLOBE icon is not for the library, it is for importing an image from a URL. If it is just asking you for a web address then that is not an error.  (However, I agree that it is not working properly if you are connected to the internet and still getting an error message)

To see the LIBRARY, you need to click the icon that looks like a library (I think it looks more like a roman temple with four columns). THAT should bring up your library folders.

EDIT: a few people have mentioned that the library takes a LOOOONG time to load (and it may not load at all if you are working "offline" when you login to videoscribe. The support reply is that it has been logged as a reproducible bug and will be addressed I think.

There has been a discussion that popup help labels will be added to all of the confusing buttons and icons.

hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike, I will edit my first post.
The Library symbol, which I did assume was such (and sure does need a text pop-up) did nothing for me and I still have an empty screen.


I will have to comment.  There are some bugs in this new version. I also have waited up to 10 min just to see what is in the library of graphics.


I wonder if these symptoms occur mostly on desktop computers or laptops and if they have wired network connections or wireless connections.

This may not apply here.... but for anyone using a laptop... laptops often use a power management setting that shuts off the network card when not in use.. that could probably cause the "no library" problem since in V2.0 the library reportedly checks for an internet connection before loading.

I believe that automatic disabling of the network card (along with sleep mode or standby mode) is often the cause of the "you are already logged in on another device" error

plugging in the laptop power cord, or disabling that power setting might prevent the problem in that case.

just speculating though.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Just to make things a little clearer this is the icon to click on for the library of images

The world icon

Is used to load an image from the internet.

If you are clicking on the Library Icon and it is taking a long time then it may be that you have a lot of recent images (used to be called favourites in version 1).

VideoScribe will create thumbnail images of all of your recent images and if there are lots of them or lots of big files this can slow it down. Once the thumbnails have loaded you can clear the history by right clicking on one of the thumbnails and selecting Clear History.

If you are seeing a blank screen and you are online and you are working in an office environment then the following link might help VideoScribe in an office environment


I have vIdeoscribe pro 3.0.2-10 PC(Windows). When I click the Add New Image icon nothing happens. Please clarify how I should access the image library.


Your query has been raised as a ticket.

You will receive an email response as soon as possible.

I have the same probleem.When I click on ADD image, I see no libary icon. I hope you can help. I have videoscribe on me ipad.

I don't think there is a library icon on the ipad app or the desktop version any more.

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