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Replace image

In the previous versions ,I was able to click the image and choose change image,

and choose other one,to replace it with all its settings

In the latest version ,I can't find this option.

Please advice


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Hi Alia,

That's a good question. In version 2.0 of videoscribe:
1) click the thumbnail image for your element in the thumbnail tray at the bottom of the screen
2) click the little icon that looks like a sheet of paper with lines on it (it should be located to the right of the thumbnail image and above the word "draw"
3) clicking that will open the "image properties" window. Look for the icon in the lower left corner of the image properties window (it is supposed to look like a framed picture of two mountains with a sun). clicking that will open the "replace image" window. and then you can choose your new image.
4) (the library icon is the one that looks like a little house with four columns and the icon for your computer is the folder icon in the lower left corner of that window)

-hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Here's what you get when you click on the 'lines on a page' icon (showing the mountains and sun icon) - 

LOL! sorry about my dopey icon descriptions :) 

The icons look good but the return of the popup help labels for them is eagerly anticipated.


just trying to help 


they're coming :)

This option is missing in latest 3.0 version.

BUG REPORT: In version 3.0.1 the REPLACE IMAGE function is not working correctly (at least for me)

To replace an image,  you click a thumbnail image in the timeline at the bottom of the screen. When the menu pops up, click  "edit image" then select the new image.

Or you can right-click an image on the canvas, click "properties" and click the "replace image" tab in the image properties menu.

As I mentioned, these do not currently work in the version I have installed.
Regardless of which image I try to replace, the first image in the scribe is replaced by the new image
In some cases, the thumbnail in the timeline still shows the old image instead of the new image that has replaced it.

If you are using videoscrib 3.0.1 beta, you should probably just delete the current image and then import the new image.

-Mike (Videoscribe user)


I didn't got the image replace option. In fact no Image Replace tab I found. 

I uninstalled the 3.0.1 ... Using old one now. Old is fast and more responsive. And have more options. 

In the latest Beta release 3.0.1-22 (available at, the replace image feature has been disabled as there were issues with it that we have been unable to fix. The feature is due to be replaced in 3.0.3.

I hope that this is indeed a priority for the 3.0.3. I created many workarounds to the bugs and shortcomings of this app that involve registration marks to align parts of a full image. If the replace image function is not present, even more time will be wasted trying to create a finished product.  I like the new look to the interface, but I would like functions added/fixed/debugged(/retained!) even more.

Replace image feature is working now in the latest version of VideoScribe. This was fixed a while ago but just updating for anyone who stumbles across this old post.

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