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Imported SVG from Corel Draw is all black

I have multiple graphic assets (company logos) in vector format and use Corel Draw to maintain and convert them. When I export to SVG they render correctly in my browser. When I import them into VideoScribe they are all black. How do I keep the correct coloring?

I don't know how I missed this thread! I love SVG threads.

I opened it in illustrator and it looks like just paths which is perfect, so my guess is that you used some save settings in corel that cause a problem.
Here are the setting that are preferred in illustrator, there may be similar setting in corel:

EDIT: Regarding Embed or Link: If you happen to have jpg or png or other images in your SVG, selecting "Embed" will include them in the saved SVG, which can be a useful, simple way to incorporate a photo or shaded illustration with your own vector line art. (However, be aware that embedding images increases file size and might possibly contribute to slowdowns or freezes, so you may want to use it sparingly or at least only embed images with smaller file sizes. ). Selecting "Link" instead of "embed" will essentially filter out any inserted images and save them as separate files which will make your SVG smaller, but videoscribe will not display linked images. My suggestion based on personal experience is to use only stroked paths and fills in your SVG and to delete any extra images. That way it won't matter if you choose embed or link because there will be nothing to embed or link. (just my opinion and not an official Sparkol recommendation)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Brian, I have also saved the file using AI and attached it. 

Seems like it does have something to do with how the file is Saved in Corel Draw.

If you have similar save options to the ones above can you try them?

Thanks, Joe 

Thanks Mike & Joe, I was able fix it with one little change to my export settings.

...Mike.. that screenshot shows 'link' as the option for image location.  It needs to be 'embed' ;)

Oh you are correct Ian!
I think I took that screenshot from a previous post by Joe:  which recommends either setting.

However, you're absolutely right.  I see that subsequent posts and tutorial videos suggest Embed over Linking so I will update my post with more info. It has been my experience that embedding can produce some cool results, but can also cause problems (presumably due to large file sizes... although I wonder if embedding unrecognized formats like gif or bmp might also cause problems...haven't tested it.)

-Mike (learning something new every day if I'm lucky!)

Hmmm.. I haven't tested it either!

I understood 'link' to be no good as you don't end up with the actual image in VideoScribe: only what you've added.

I think you are definitely right about that. If the user wants to include a jpg or png in their SVG, they need to choose Embed.

I've sort of gotten into the habit of considering embedded images to be problematic (possibly contributing to slowdowns and freezes), but maybe I haven't given them a fair shake!



Use Presentation Attributes for Styling Options in Corel Export to SVG



I have a problem in the software Sparkol. I draw pictures in Adobe Illustrator and take a regular JPG images and convert them to SVG, but nothing changes. The program doesn't draw my pictures ant once, and at first leads them on both sides, after which the picture instantly painted hands.

I re-installed the program, installed the old version, but to no avail. I went to Your Russian pertness - they do not respond. Please help me to solve my problem.

Thenk you, Zhanna.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Converting the file type from Jpeg/PNG will not instantly make the image draw in VideoScribe.

You will need to add paths to the SVG for VideoScribe to draw.

We have a tutorial on how to create SVG's which will get you started.

You may also find that this Instant Answer will assist you with creating transparent paths over an image.

If you are new to creating SVG files, there are a number of really helpful tutorials available on Youtube.

I have listed a number of these below:

Handy tutorials from Mark Pearson's channel

Using Inkscape to create an image for use in sparkol videoscribe

Inkscape Paint Bucket to create a sparkol videscibe

Using Inkscape to create a paint brush effect in sparkol

Using Inkscape to create text for sparkol videoscribe

Handy Tutorials from Useful Graphic Design Tutorials (playlist)

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