adding text after text after text

  • Hi Ive watched the first tutorial but still dont get this:

    I want to have 7 statements written across the screen.   Each time after I write one I hit the text button and retype the next. Is that what I should do?   it always seems to overlay overtop the First one, then I have to drag it somewhere else/  i merely want the 7 statements to appear just like the FIRST one appears.

    Am i doing this correct as it seems i should be adding a second "slide" so to speak

    Thoughts?  thank you

  • 1) type the first text element
    2) immediately click the "set camera" button before you move anything
    3) move the text to where you want it on the screen and resize it if necessary
    4) deselect the element and move the camera to a blank spot on the canvas
    5) type the next text element
    6) repeat steps 2-5

    If you want the camera to jump "instantly" to the next "slide" then change the transition time to zero for each one.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
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