Youtube Issue

  • Hi

    I just signed up for a FREE Trial. I am testing the software and I am attempting to upload the scribe on youtube with the option available in the software but I everytime I am getting stuck just in the last few seconds. I am waiting for hours to upload a 3 min video. Please see the screenshot.

    Is it a bug? how can i fix it?

    (113 KB)
  • Hi Aagnik

    We're looking in to this at the moment.  Can you save the scribe to your online folder and let us have the name so we can take a look? 

  • Hi Ian

    I uploaded the file to online folder. The file name is FreshCrop 2

    Hope to hear from u soon



  • Hi Aagnik,

    I tried to replicate your problem but I was able to upload to Youtube,

    This may be an intermittent problem so could you close down VideoScribe, start it up again and try publishing again?

    Please let us know how you get on?


  • Yes Thanks Andy. Its running run. Thank you so much. :)

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