Requesting new feature - add hyperlink in video

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  • Hi Stacy
    Be sure to read the whole thread.
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • This is a great application but I think I'm going to opt out because of the fact that we can't insert hyperlinks. Going to have to search those applications mentioned here, even if they cost more.

  • As we have said a few times in this thread already.

    Hyperlinks can only be added after a video file is created and the output of VideoScribe is a video. We would have to create something to allow you to re-import your video file and add this which is well outside the scope of what VideoScribe is designed to do, and therefore not something we are considering. 

    Once you have your VideoScribe video something like this can be done with YouTube or within a great range of specialist post production video editors available on the market.  

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