Version 2.0 bug - render/publish stops on a certain image

  • If when you render a video the progress seems to freeze at a particular point no matter what you do - here's what to do.

    We have found that this issue occurs when an item is set to Morph and the Draw/Animate time is set to 0. It will work if there is at least 0.1 secs of animate time on the morph function.

    It is something we are looking into and would advise if you want something to appear instantly, to use the Draw function.

    If you need to remove a previous item, layer the Scribble out image and set Animate,pause and transition to 0.

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  • While the Scribble option might seem reasonable, often I am wanting to remove an item from within a scene that the Scribble is far too imprecise to erase - it usually ends up leaving some of the object visible, or obscuring parts of objects I want to remain.

    Can you provide us with more scribble shapes that have regular edges?

  • Hi Jim,

    That is a good idea and you could add it as a feature request here - our development team will then consider it for a future release.



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