iPad Videoscribe

  • Congrats on a gat product - the new version is streets ahead. 

    I'm trying to hold and drag to change the position of an item in the time-line.  It works as it should one or twice.  However, further changes see random moves for other items.  Is there something I am missing in the process or is this a fault - same thing happened on the previous version.

  • Hi Errol,

    Sorry that you are having a problem on your iPad.

    We are not able to replicate this problem here.

    What model of iPad are you running and how much free space is there?

    Can you replicate this every time that you run VideoScribe and does the problem go away for a while if you close and reopen VideoScribe?


  • Thanks Andy.  I have iPad3 with 3 GB spare capacity.  I deleted the app and reloaded and that seems to have fixed it.

  • Hi Errol great to hear you have the issue resolved.

    Thanks, Joe

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