• I've had huge problems rendering a scribe. It freezes at all the morphing points and I've had to take them out.  I've finally got it to render as a ppt - it's taken an hour - and it's crashed on the very last bit!

    Can anyone help????  I'm giving a presentation on Sunday and I need to get it done asap,

  • Hi Bella,

    Sorry to hear that.

    We have identified, and are working on a fix for, a problem with rendering when you have a morph where the morph time is set to zero.

    If it is crashing when you publish then we would suggest rendering to a mov file or a flv file as there are some issues with wmv rendering for some, but not many, users. Also, before you render I would suggest saving your scribe with a new name, closing and opening VideoScribe and then publishing to your hard drive.



  • It's crashing in most formats but I am trying to publish it to powerpoint.  Are there any quick fixes i can try?

  • Hi Bella,

    The Powerpoint Publish option uses wmv which is where we are seeing most of the problems. 

    What resolution are you trying to publish at? Is your scribe a large scribe with lots of imported images?


  • I'm not sure, I'm just giving it another try. it's taking a long time - currently 55 minutes remaining. 

  • Hi Bella,

    When the render gets to the end where it says that it has a few seconds to go and it appears to stop it is writing the file to disk so try leaving it for a while and see if it completes.

    If that doesn't publish then please raise a support question and then Save your scribe online and let us know the name in the support question and we can take a look.


  • Hi Andy,

    Would you be able to assist with my video scribe? It is saved online. I have changed my "morph" options to "draw" or "move in" options but it is still not rendering. It will get the point of "Making PowerPoint pptx file" but then freeze. I waited 1 hour to see if just maaaybe it would work. Sadly, no luck.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Kidada

    I've had a look at your scribe and don't see any morphing set to zero so our best advise right now is

    -use MOV if you can, set to 720.

    -just before you're ready to render save your work, restart your machine and then make rendering the first thing you do.

    I hope that helps

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