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  •  I hoping Sparkol or more experienced users of Illustrator can help.

    There are times when a SVG image just does not draw properly. For example I have a Shirt Image in SVG format and when it is being drawn it will spend 99% of the time drawing one of the buttons and suddenly rest of the shirt appears.

    MY SOLUTION is to open the SVG image in Illustrator and use the pencil tool to add more paths to the shirt. Even though I added more paths to the shirt, the original button drawing is still there.

    MY QUESTION. How do you remove the original path of a SVG image and its drawing effect without removing the image (i.e. removing the button).

    Sorry if I did not explain that well. I still struggle with Illustrator terminology.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hi Dan

    I bet some users have some tricks up their sleeves ;)

    Here is a bit of advise from the web of a few ways to reduce the nodes (they call them anchor points) in your images.

    I hope you enjoy getting in to this.  If you have time, then adjusting the number and position of nodes around your drawings allows for great control of the hand!

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