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how to create a new (fresh) slide.


I can't seem to figure out how to move to a fresh canvas, after filling up the first one. I'm talking about transiting to a new slide. Please I need help here.


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The canvas is pretty huge. Have you tried deselecting all elements (by clicking in an empty space on the canvas and then clicking and dragging with your mouse to move the camera to a new location ?

Each time you add a new element, position the camera where you want it and then click the "set camera" button (a video camera with a checkmark on it) to save the camera position for that element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike. I think a video would make the message clearer. Can you please point me to a video that illustrates this?

Thanks again.


Here is a link to the videos for version 2.0:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have the same question as Jay above, but I don't understand the answer that Mike posted. I tried what he suggested but I still have the original scribe.  I am used to a "new slide" button a la Power Point.

Any suggestions?

A "scribe" consists of one huge canvas and all of the text, images, and audio files that you add.

If you want a "new scribe", save and close the old scribe and create a new scribe (more detailed instructions are in the first tutorial video at the link provided in the previous post, but you can just follow the same steps that you used to make your first scribe.  Each scribe that you make can be saved as a separate file and rendered as a separate video.

On the other hand, if you mean that you just want to move to a blank place on the canvas and add more images then:
1) you click and drag on the element to move the element
2) you click and drag on the canvas to move the canvas/camera
3) you use the plus and minus icons near the lower left corner of the screen to zoom in and out
4) when you have an element selected, and you have the camera and the element positioned where you want them, click the "set camera" icon to assign that current camera position to the selected element:

You may want to watch the tutorial videos too.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Christopher - you don't get new slides in VideoScribe in the same way as PowerPoint, in fact it is easier to think of creating scenes instead.

All you need to do is move to a blank area of the canvas and start your 'new scene/slide' from there. To manage the transition from one scene to another you need to follow Mike's instructions regarding zooming and fixing the camera's position.

I don't want it to pull back to see the other scenes each time. How do I do that. I want it to be like a new screen as it moves through each scene

If you just drag to a blank area of the canvas you can set your next scene out there. Once you are done and it's all showing on the screen as you want it select all the elements on that scene at the same time and click the camera button from the screenshot above. This will then get the camera to draw all the items selected from that screen position.

Hi! I have started trial today. I have watched your video tutorials
and read the various pages on the subject like this one. I can set the camera when I start, but my question is about making changes to position of camera afterwards. Am I missing something? I have practised refurbishing an existing scribe (the basic one when we start the trial) or the one I made myself today. I was trying to evaluate how we could change the look and timing of existing scribes, AFTER they are finished. I have tried all kinds of ways... seems a mystery because it will not behave as per your explanations (I am on Windows 8).
e.g. ctrl-a for all objects on frame; remove camera; choose selected objects in group and set camera...
it works haphazardly and funny
thanks for an anscer
when you have the camera where you want it to be for a specific element, select that element and then click the "set camera" icon to save the camera position.

If you want to change the camera position later.... click and drag a blank part of the canvas to move the camera, and zoom in or out or whatever you want to do... then , with the element selected, click "set camera" to save the new position.

If there is something specific that you are trying to do that is not working, clearly describe:
1) what steps you are taking,
2) what results you want and
3) what results you are seeing instead.

(you should probably also attach the scribe (or save it to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it.)

possibly related note: if you are using move-in with an animation time of zero, that will cause problems. change the animation type from move-in to "draw" for a zero animation time.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi there!

Same problem, but I can't still manage to solve it.

First animation finished, perfect. Everything clear and working.

Then I need a new fresh slide and it doesn't let me select any camera (all grey).

I don't want to use previous objects, but start with a new title followed by new animations of text and images.

Can you help?

Thank you so much!


You can't click "set camera" unless you have an element selected.

1) Move to a blank part of the canvas
2) add the new element
3) with the item selected,  click "set camera"

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you Mike, but this is not my problem.

The question is: how do I add a new element in a blank background?



Possibly you need to describe what you want in different words or more clearly...but I THINK that I am answering the exact question you asked.

To be more clear: I think you have some misconceptions about the way the camera works, and that is causing you to try things that will not work. You are trying to "select" the camera before adding an element but it does not work that way. Also there are no slides at all. This is not powerpoint.

Videoscribe uses one large white canvas very very large with a lot of empty blank space. If you want to move your elements out of the way so you can see a blank area, you click and drag the canvas to move it, (which also moves all of your elements) until all you can see is blank white space. (This sometimes referred to as "moving the camera" even though you are clicking and dragging on the canvas. This process does not involve clicking any of the camera icons until later.)

If I understand correctly, you have some elements on your canvas....
you want to move the elements out of the way and move to a blank part of the canvas.
then you want to add a new element on the blank part of the canvas.

Is that correct? If not, please describe what you want more thoroughly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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