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how to create a new (fresh) slide.


I can't seem to figure out how to move to a fresh canvas, after filling up the first one. I'm talking about transiting to a new slide. Please I need help here.


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Another way to move the canvas if the click and drag around option is confusing would be the arrows in the bottom left of screen (circled). 

All this is explained in detail in VideoScribe tutorial 2 – Tuning your scribe

 hey guys i am new in video scribe and i just bought the yearly package.I want to know how can i put the voiceover for example 10 sec after the video starts??and also how can i seperate my title from the plot (i mean after the title i want a new slide so i can put different voiceovers in these 2 .is that possible??thank you in advance

if you want 10 seconds of silence before the voiceover starts, you have to add 10 seconds of silence to your voiceover using audio editing software (before you import it into videoscribe).

if you want two voicovers for two parts of your scribe you have to combine the two voiceovers into one file using audio editing software.


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Add a "new slide feature," guys. I'm a freakin' Power Point master and I'd like to be able to use your damn software within my area of expertise.

No plans to add a 'new slide' button. We are a very different product to PowerPoint and truly believe in the power and flexibility of the canvas!

We have created a new Instant Answer though with a couple of short videos that walk you through creating a scene/slide if you want to use VideoScribe that way.

Setting the camera to create scenes

I got it working. I am pretty impressed with it. Unfortunately it's for personal projects which makes the pricing probably too high for the usage I'd get.

I have to say this is a very frustrating method for making a presentation for someone who is considering switching over from powerpoint, to the level that I don't know if I will continue after the trial period. I get the whole canvas thing, but it almost seems like being different only for the sake of being different. Honestly, it's a brutal means to get a new slide and exceptionally frustrating.

Hi Adrian,

Maybe this video tutorial will make things a little more clear: Setting the camera to create scenes.

just Turn off "Zoom at end" in preview mode . Thats it 

Matthew, those 2 video tutorials were a fantastic explanation of how to move from scene-to-scene.  Thank you!

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