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  • Hi,

    I'm new to VideoScribe and am hoping to use it to create some videos based around charts created in Excel. 

    My current route for importing the charts is Excel > Illustrator > VideoScribe. This seems to work fairly well and doesn't take long, but there are a couple of things that would be nice to fix:

    1. The lines in my charts often end up being drawn from right to left, i.e. from the end to the beginning. Can anyone think of a way in Illustrator to determine which direction the lines will be rendered in VideoScribe?

    2. Most of the lines in the charts are rendered at a nice pace, but then the axes and labels appear almost immediately, whatever settings I use in VideoScribe. I've tried simplifying the paths in Illustrator, but no luck. Any other suggestions?


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  • I have an svg image of a man from head to waist. I want VideoScribe to draw the image starting at the head/face and then move down to the waist. Right now, its drawing it from the waist up. How to I tell the hand where to start drawing?

  •  Hi,

    Here is a thread that helps explain how SVGs work in videoscribe.

    Link: How to make SVGs that draw well in videoscribe


    3) DRAWING ORDER: In general, videoscribe will draw lines (stroked paths) in the same order that they were drawn when the SVG was made. If you use auto trace to convert an image to stroked paths then the drawing order may seem somewhat arbitrary. Using layer groups or any type of subfolders  may affect the drawing order. filled areas appear last by default.

    Hope that helps,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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