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change hand size?

I would like to have a much smaller hand, complete with a big part of the arm as it draws my text on screen. There doesn't seem to be any way to control this. I have gone onine looking for discussion of this topic but have found nothing.

Can you help me control hand/arm size?
Eli Noyes


Hi Eli

Each hand is preset to a specific size which is simply the size of the hand in the image file that was imported.

To have a hand that's smaller with more arm will need an image file with a smaller hand and showing more arm.

Do have a look through the available hands in the program: click on the hand icon at the top of the canvas

(this will change the hand for all elements, or you can change the hand for one element through that element's dialogue box)


Create your own hand image by clicking 'Add Own' in the hand dialogue.  We're about to publish an article on creating your own hand so, when that's out, I'll let you know in case you're interested.

...our 'import your own hand' article is now out :)

this doesn't seem to work the way I need it too. Even thought the arm is part of the hand image, Videoscribe seems to default on zooming in on the hand itself and only ever uses more arm when reaching across the screen. I need it to show more arm and be scaled out the entire time.


To get more of the arm displayed, you need to open the original PNG images in a piece of image editing software (Gimp is a good free one, but there are others as well) and rescale the image so it is smaller. After importing the edited hands into VideoScribe you should be able to see more of the arm when it is drawing.

No, ALL of the hands are much bigger in the new version -- they are messed up around the edges (alpha channel) as well.  Something has changed for the words.

There needs to be a hand zoom control, so we can determine/decide how far away we want the person to be drawing.  


this is an issue that we have raised with the development team who are working on a fix.


Great, awesome to hear!  Thanks, Matt.  Any chance they could add a zoom control for it while their at it?



Hi Tim, 

I can see that you have added this to the Ideas and features section on this link -

I replied to it earlier and the above link will direct people to this post.

We do consider all popular ideas and feature requests.

Thanks, Joe

I am in v.2.0.2, and I just finished a five hour solution search and workaround to handle the giant hand issue. The hand is my own, and it is not my first. I did not use any zooms in the scribe. My whole video renders well, until the last two drawings, wherein the hand becomes much larger. The attached video shows the hand first at the correct size, and then at the too large size for the last two drawings.

 I have tried creating fresh scribe files, re-creating and re-sizing the svg files in Adobe illustrator where they were created, and a host of other solutions, …all to no avail. The only guess I have is that because those two colored base svg files contain gradient fills, and one has a couple of Blurs, that Videoscribe is somehow choking on them. Is it too much to ask, to have the same hand remain the same size throughout the scribe? Can you tell me what is going on, and more importantly, how to fix it?  


Hi Ev,

This does seem a bit odd.

What I would suggest is to save a copy of this scribe to your online directory.

When you have done this, raise a support ticket with the details of the issue and the name of the scribe and we can investigate.

Hi Joe:

I really want to renew Sparkol VideoScribe, but won't until this issue is fixed.  Can you let me know if this has been addressed in the latest released?



I am having the same issue with the giant hand. It had been fine all week as I've been working on my scribe, but suddenly it is way too large in all elements except for the very first one. It is so large that the hand is pixelated. See attached image.


If you are having the same issue with the giant hand please save the scribe to your online directory.

When you have done this, raise a support ticket with the details of the issue and the name of the scribe and we can investigate.

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