Transparent Images on Textures in 2.0

  • Although I'm really enjoying working with the new textures, I find that when I import SVGs, they are transparent (e.g. I can see the corkboard through my images) 

  • Hi Sam, Joe here from Sparkol.

    Can I clarify that your SVG images are transparent anyway e.g. if you had a blue Background, you would see blue through the SVG?

    Can you see the cork board through the lines?

    Thanks, Joe 

  • Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the reply. The SVGs are set at 100% opacity; it just seems a feature of this texture, perhaps?

  • Hi Sam, I'm not sure it is and issue with the texture without seeing an example. 

    I have created a ticket for further investigation.

    Can you check your email inbox for the ticket?

    Thanks, Joe

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