first day with trail version

  • I was excited to see this program. These are the problems I encountered in my first day with the trail version.

    A) Timeline is out of order
      1) add scribble out from shape, change animate to 1 sec
      2) add image, change animate to 1 sec
      3) from timeline, move the image before scribble out
      4) play the whole thing
      5) add another image

      6) image is added to the end of timeline, but it is hidden under the scribble out

      7) during play video, image will be shown before scribble out

    Workaround: save, close and reopen videoscribe

    B) Mouse event handling
      1) add some images
      2) mouse button down on working area
      3) mouse move out of working area
      4) mouse up
      5) move mouse around, it still move the images around (same problem for just moving one image)

    Workaround: click once more in the working area

    C) Image library panel page mark out of sync
      1) click at image icon and select image library
      2) go to second page by clicking the second dot at the bottom
      3) select any category
      4) the first page of the images are shown, but the second page dot is selected at the bottom

    Workaround: click at the first page dot (no change will be shown in the image choices) and continue

    D) Image with "outline only" always is filled with white color (not sure if this is a feature)

      1) choose any color other than white for the background

      2) add an image with color

      3) select outline for the image

      4) white color will be used to replace the original colors

    Workaround: select image with no fill color if it exists

    Because of this, for me morph is only available with image with no fill.

    E) My Chinese font doesn't work

      1) click at T icon

      2) select my Chinese font and import it (both basic and extend)

      3) type in some Chinese characters

      4) click at the check mark

      5) no Chinese character shown

    Workaround: convert my Chinese characters to svg and import it to VideoScribe

    Problems that cannot be reproduced:

    1) exit without saving, reopen shows the last auto-save images in work area, but timeline is empty

    2) multi- select with Ctrl doesn't work. Close and reopen VideoScribe fix it.

    3) zoom goes all the way to 2500% suddenly

    Not sure if this is a limitation of trail version:

    Publishing powerpoint results in only one slide with videoscribe logo at the center

    Guess I have enough for one day!


  • Thanks for the lists!

    (instead of "scribe out" I think you mean "scribble out" if you want to edit that)

    If support is able to replicate these, hopefully they will get added to the known bug list for version 2.0

    You might consider uninstalling version 2.0 and trying out version 1.3.26 instead.

    version 2.0 has some nice new features, some attractive graphic updates, and a few nice bug fixes too... but there are some new bugs, a variety of useful features were lost,  and some of the UI changes are confusing and/or frustrating in my opinion. The next update may run a bit smoother.

    (any scribes you made in version 2.0 will not open in version 1.3.26)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike! just make the correction.
    I do expect bugs from it. But this is my first day, I already encounter so many glitches. Since the price for this application is not cheap, I expect it will be more solid. I may try out the older version later. Just need some rest. Thanks!



  • Hi Howard, thanks for sharing.

    I have created a ticket for this for further investigation.

    I post a few answers here in relation to the things you have identified.

    A) Timeline is out of order

    We are currently investigating a few timeline issues so I will add this as a possible candidate.

    B) Mouse event handling

    This is a known issue if you select something and then move the mouse out of the work area.

    The same goes if you select something on the timeline. This has already been reported and is being investigated.

    C) Image library panel page mark out of sync

    The radio button seems to refer to the page one the folder e.g. when scrolling through the libraries if you are on the second page, when you open a folder up, the radio button will be selected on the second page.

    (already logged as a bug)

    D) Image with "outline only" always is filled with white color (not sure if this is a feature)

    Some of the library images have a transparent layer that fills in the colour rather than having it 'pop' in after the lines are drawn.

    It sounds like your are using one of these images. 
    I am exploring the possibility of removing these and replacing the images that have the colour pop into place.

    E) My Chinese font doesn't work

    That is correct Chinese, Japanese and some other languages will not work in VideoScribe.

    This is down as a feature request to incorporate these into VideoScribe.

    With regards to the ones you cannot reproduce, we will take a look at via the ticket I have created.

    Thanks, Joe


  • Hi Howard,
    One more thing I forgot to mention.
    There are two ways to make chinese fonts or other fonts work.

    Method one:
    use adobe illustrator(which can be purchased) or inkscape (available for free at to type your words and then save them as an SVG. Then import the SVG into videoscribe.  This method is simplest but videoscribe will probably draw the characters as outline and then fill them in.

    Method two: This method is a little more complicated but it will make Videoscribe "draw" your characters more like the way it draws the default fonts: "Can I Make Other Fonts Draw Well?"

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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