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remove greyish background from SAV files when Imported.

 Hello please could anyone give me some insoght here.

I use snag it to capture a image from the web. Then save it as a PNG and then transfer this to VS which automatically converts  it to a SAV file. The image comes out fine but the problem is that there is a lot of grey shading around the SAV file which wa snot there in the original. How do I  prvent this from happening?



Hi Nick,

Are you referring to svg files rather than sav files? 

There are 6 options to chose from when importing an image - which one did you select?

If you could attach your png file then we can take a look and give more specific advice



Hi Andy here is the PNG which when I put it into VS I get a greyish background which I cannot remove. 

Hi Nick,

If I import your png I see this

The 6th option is the one which will put a grey border around the image - the 5th option just puts the image on the canvas so could you try selecting that one, or indeed any other the others.


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