• Hello!  I am in desperate need for help!  I am in my doctoral program and decided to use VideoScribe for a presentation.  It was due yesterday!!! (we've been trying to export since Monday)  We tried to export it to a video, but twice have experienced it freezing at the end saying that it was preparing the file.  I have tried to fix any possible zoom issues, but can't figure out where and how to do this.  I've just ended up going in and resizing each and every tile in a 16 minute long presentation.  Help!  The file is titled Blazer Book Club Findley and Chudomelka I think.  It's saved locally and in the cloud.  I am at a loss! This is 25% of our grade.  I thought this was intuitive and easy until we started the export.   

  • Hi Lisa, sorry you have this issue. It sounds like this is related to a known issue when rendering as a WMV.

    In short, if you restart VideoScribe and then create the video as a Quicktime (.Mov) file instead, this should not happen.

    More information on this bug can be found via this link -

    If the information in the link does not help you, please raise a support ticket and we will investigate the issue for you.

    Thanks, Joe


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