Problem with VideoScribe 2.0 on Mac after using Ctrl+click

  • Mac users using VideoScribe 2.0 will experience loss of functionality when Pressing the Ctrl+click function.

    This function allow the equivalent Right click options on the PC, which allows you to Select more than  one item.

    Unfortunately there is no alternative option or work around at present so we are advising users not to use this function for now.

    We are currently working on a resolution and hope to have a fix for this in the second patch release of (VideoScribe 2.0.2).

    We are very close to a release of VideoScribe 2.0.1 which will address the rendering issues users have experienced using WMV.

    For more information on known bugs in version 2.0 please see the instant answer location via this link -

    If you need to report a problem with VideoScribe, please raise a new ticket using this link -

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused, 


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