fewer svg images on iPad Air than on 7 day trial

  • Thank for for your quick responses. Two questions remain: 1) the number of images in the iPad Air library is far fewer than in the 7 day desktop version I was sent. I have not looked in each library but here are 2 examples. I just counted the images in my iPad Air version of video scribe and there are 25 images in the people library and 25 images in the call out library. I also just checked my 7day desktop version and there are 133 images in the people library and 147 images in the callout library. The first 25 images in each case are the same in both versions of describe. Something in clearly amiss and it would be great to get it fixed ... I am missing some of those super svg images. PLs help! 2) AT completion of a video ... it still zooms out. It distracts from the impact of the video. Pls advise on how this can get fixed. In a couple weeks I'll need to begin using video scribe for my projects but I am kind stuck with these 2 issues. Thank you in advance for your support. Take care. Jim Mueller
  • I have seen responses from some of you on these questions .... thank you. My main questions are whether or not these 2 issues are acknowledged by Sparkol as issues that exist on the iPad Air version of Scribe? .... and if so do they plan to fix them? .... and if so ... what is the timeframe for the fixes?
  • EDIT: the newest version of the app contains all of the library images and a setting to disable zoom-at-end. please see Andy's post below for more details.

    If you purchased the app more than a month ago , you may have an older version. Maybe you can upgrade? (Maybe save copies of all scribes work files online first just in case) (please keep in mind that I don't know everything about the apps or how many different versions there are)

    The app is good as a standalone app, but I think it is best as a supplement to the desktop version. If you make a scribe on the desktop and save it online, you can open it in the app with all of the SVGs and other images that you have added from the desktop version, then you can work on it while commuting, or away from the office or wherever, and save it again online. The desktop version offers more rendering options than the app so you can do sample renders on the app and then do your finished render from the desktop version.


    Hope that helps

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi

    I can confirm that the latest version of VideoScribe for the iPad will display all of the library images so please upgrade to the latest version.

    The zoom at end feature can be disabled - if you preview your scribe on the iPad then at the bottom right there is a 'zoom at end' checkbox - if you ensure that this is unchecked then the zoom at end will be disabled in both the preview and the published video.


  • thanks for your comments....where do i go to get the updated version of VideoScribe for iPad Air? maybe that will have both fixes you refer to andy
  • Please check in the app store for an update.  If you are not on the latest version, the app store will advise you to 'update'

  • thanks to andy, ian and mike for your patient responses........ the new version solved main issues i had on the ipad. there is now a bounty of svg images in the library ... and there is no longer a zoom out at the end of the video. close out my questions and have a good day....tally ho ....
  • Great! thanks for posting your results! I'll update my post above to reflect the newest version's features.


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