Painting (fill in) with such Perfection

  • I understand that you can use the pencil tool in illustrator to create paths for videoscribe to draw the element. I use it all the time and there are plenty of instructions on using the pencil tool,  For example there is this article:

    But something is missing. I want to understand it in a deeper level to achieve the type of perfection in the video below  (see link below).

    To explain what I mean, please look at the following video.

    What baffles me is how he achieved such perfection of  filling in the color inside the letters (lines) without going outside the lines. Also, you will notice that when he first draws the letters, each letter has an outline of the fill color he will use later to paint (fill) in the letters.

    What I'm looking for is this type of perfection. I think the key to do it is not within video scribe, but within illustrator. If anyone wants to take on the challenge, I would love to see a detailed explanation of how this was done with such perfection. I'm far from an illustrator expert, so I would appreciate as much details as possible.

    Hopefully someone (or Sparkol) who has the knowledge can provide step by step instructions on how to do the same type of work as done in the video with such perfection.

    Thank you


  • Hi Dan

    My suggestion is that, rather than 'scribble', as in the tutorial you mention, you take your time with the pencil to actually colour in the whole area with the black stroke - making sure there is none of your colour showing - before setting the opacity to zero and saving the SVG.

    A second tip is to get the width of the stroke right: too thin and you're missing out bits of the colour, too wide and it's not believable and you may be spilling over into another colour. I think that the initial outlines on the example are done with a width wider than the black line.  Personally I would have kept it to just a black line, but that's really difficult with the 'reveal technique.  On this occasion I may have used the stroke as the black line: especially as it looks like a 'basic' line.  That said, it's personal preference and I can definitely see the appeal of showing a little colour initially.

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