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  • Thanks for sharing your good news!

    if you want to attach the new version here, someone might be able to figure out the double tracing problem.


  • I solved the double-drawing issue by rooting through the posts here. I found one from you Mike which says:

    '1) lock the layers with your transparent pen tool paths. Unlock all other layers if they are locked

    2) If there are any actual fonts, select them and use: Type>Create Outlines
    3) select any remaining paths (but not the new lines you made with the pen)
    4) from the menu, use: Object>Path>Outline Strokes  

    That will convert all of your stroked paths and fonts to fills so that only your pen lines (if you made them correctly) will draw in videoscribe'

    This worked perfectly, getting rid of the double-draw issue, thank you.

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