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Auto save not working


I've been working on a scribe in a separate folder for quite some time, saved it and exited to 'solve' a few timeline issues, and could not find my scribe anymore. After my wife reanimated me I recognized the picture of my scribe in the base folder. Assuming it was the auto backup file, which I forgot about, hence the reanimation, I opened it and all was well. I then saved it in the correct folder (and on my computer and online). Of course it was gone from the base folder, but then I wondered where is the auto backup file?? Nowhere to be found. And now I've come to think of it, I haven't had a backup interruption since installing version 2.0?

Should I try to change something in the settings?


Ps. I think I can reproduce the error. When I exit without saving (because I just did without exiting) the scribe is 'moved' to the base folder. 

I think  you are right that the the autosave backup file has been removed along with various other features that were useful. (ctrl+s no longer seems to save either)

However, I believe videoscribe does still monitor your changes. When you log back in, I believe it asks if you want to recover the changes you made before closing.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Rick

We've improved the autosave feature: there is no file always there and no clunky folder of backups.  Just like a lot of other programs, the autosave is not usually seen but, if you should somehow exit the program without saving your work, the autosave will kick in next time you open VideoScribe, just as Mike has said, and ask you if you want to retrieve unsaved changes.

I tried crashing out of a scribe that was in a folder to see if the autosave would put it in the base folder. What I found is that, when you go to save the autosave backup, the save dialogue box hasn't remembered the folder you were in.  

-If you do not save the autosave backup your work will remain in the folder.

-if you do save the back up you will need to specify the folder that you want again.  I have raised this with the developers to remember the folder at the point of save.

I hope that helps.

Incidentally, ctrl+s is back in version 2.0.1 - just released :)

Hola estaba trabajando y no se grabo... :( :( mmm.... 2 horas de trabajo perdido y no funciono el guardado automático. 

Hello Francisco,

Sorry if you have lost works.

The auto save function is in place to save work in the case of a crash.

If there is a problem with VideoScribe and the application is closed without a save being made, when you next open up VideoScribe, you will be asked 

to recover the unsaved changes.

If you decline to load the unsaved changes, the file will not recover and will be deleted.

I would advise you to ensure you manually save your work periodically to ensure that your work is saved.

I would also advise that that auto save mechanism is a back up rather than an ideal method of saving progress and always ensure you manually save regularly.

Because of the clunky saving mechanisms of Videoscribe (the most pernicious being you can't save a scribe to a new file name unless it is saved in your base folder first), I accidently overwrote a scribe I had just finished with another scribe altogether, because I was trying to rename my files. 

An autosave folder with periodic backups is absolutely necessary. 

SPARKOL: DON'T call what is actually an "auto-recovery" an AUTOSAVE if it's NOT PERIODICALLY SAVING YOUR PROJECTS AS YOU WORK.

Alex, if you would like to see the old way return I would suggest raising it as a new feature request and if it proves popular with others we will consider it.

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