Rendering hangs at morph

  • Hi. My rendering consistently hangs when it reaches a particular point. The hang occurs at a morph: the morph source is a series of lines of different colors; the morph target is a white square with a white border (effectively invisible); the camera view is the same for both the source and target; the animation duration is 0.

    During the rendering, the morph appears to take place ok (i.e. the source disappears), but then the rendering halts. The next frame after this morph is an erase using Scribble Out, also with an animation duration of 0, which does not take place.

    Any suggestions? Perhaps you know some other way to erase a single object (other than an immediate morph to a white square), where a broad Scribble Out is unsuitable.

    I was thinking of trying some variations to avoid this issue, such as animating for 0.1 seconds, or pausing for 0.1 seconds after this morph, or changing the target to a tiny black dot. But I thought I'd ask for assistance before trying these. 



  • Hi,

    Known issues: You cannot use an animation time of zero with Morph

    May or may not have been fixed in version 2.01

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks very much Mike.

    That link says "Some of these bugs have now been fixed in version 2.0.1". Does anyone know whether this bug is fixed in 2.0.1? I can't find the release notes.

  • Yep - that one's gone in 2.0.1.  A scribe now renders even if you set an element to morph with zero time.

    Release notes, download and further details here:

  • I'm having an issue when I render my scribe. Just about when it hits several elements that are set to morph, the "finished" elements (rectangles and red lines) disappear, rather than stay on screen as it does in the scribe environment. I've attached the .scribe version, the .wmv is too large to upload. The issue is at about the 1:30 mark. View the scribe version to see the intended animation. I've rendered to both .wmv and .avi and had the same result. Can't figure out if it's a setting I've mistakenly set or a bug.

    (12.2 MB)
  • Tom, this is a bug I'm afraid and nothing you have done wrong. We are working to fix it but there is a way around it in the meantime.

    The bug is that when you morph from an image that is not the last image in the timeline and set the morph to 'clear item' it not only clears the item you are morphing from but also the last image in the timeline as well. 

    The workaround to this is to copy the element being incorrectly removed and create a duplicate straight after it's drawn with 0 draw/pause/transition time. This means that the duplicate is not seen when drawn but is removed by the bug rather than the original meaning your scribe still looks as you designed. 

  • Tom, made the changes for you as it wan't too complicated (see attached). We are releasing v2.3.1 in a week or so and it's in testing at the moment. This bug will be fixed in that version.

  • Ok. Thanks so much, Barry. Good to know it's being addressed.

  • Hello All, just an FYI that v2.3.1 has been released in the last few minutes and this morph bug is fixed in that version along with a few other new features and bug fixes.

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