Text stops working on ipad

  • After saving once and coming back into my scribe I'm unable to add text. There is also an issue where after saving the scribe bad coming back in it loses the last update (although you can see it in the preview icon). I'm on a 32G ipad2.
  • Hi Rick

    Have you imported a font?

    There's a known issue that may relate.  See the article for a workaround.

  • Ahhh...yes I did....didn't see that Known Issue when I looked earlier.   It says "Certain Fonts" any known rhyme or reason as to which ones may or may not work?



  • Lol - that will be because I added it!

    Good point: we found it on Chalkduster.  If you found another please let us know..

  • Chalk duster was the font I added...
  • Hi Rick, we have tested Chalk duster has caused issues here too.

    Unfortunately we cannot test every font available but the ones that do not work so far seem to be in the minority.

    2.0 is the first iPad version that has this feature so there is room to improve it going forward.

    We have logged it as a bug for development to investigate.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Joe,

    Thanks...bigger issue I encountered moving forward.  

    Ipad2...My Scribe crashes no matter what I try to do.   I would not consider the Scribe all that big (equivalent of 3 PowerPoint slides - fully animated), but I suspect this could be a memory issues.   Have you logged any formal issues working on the IPAD w/V2.01?   What's the largets Scribe that has been done on and Ipad2?



  • Hi Rick, 

    The iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM which in the modern day is not that much.
    The size depends on many factors e.g. what type of images, effects used, zoom, length and free memory.

    We are looking at ways to reduce the load on the iPad.

    Below is more information about iPad crashing issues and a few things you can try.


    If this does not resolve, I would suggest saving a copy of the scribe to your online (cloud) directory and raising a support ticket.

    If you let us know the name of the online scribe, we can run some tests on it here.

    Thanks, Joe

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