Image keeps freezing/hanging

  • Firstly let me say I love VideoScribe and am keen to become an expert on how to use it. BTW I am a Global Marketing Manager for a MultiNational IT Company.


    I am using the Free Trial and confess to haveing several frustrations.


    1. Duriing playback the vidoe freezes and crashes at the same point - refer attached screenshot of the place it freezes at

    2. When I attempted to upload to YouTube it froze and crashed at the same point

    3. Its very difficult to share with others. It would be so much easire if you were able to generate a URL to share with others aka YouTube


    PS - I am a born and bred Bristolian emigrated to Australia 25 years ago. delighted to see you hail from Clevedon!

  • Pretty often that symptom is the result of
    1) one or more oversized images or
    2) camera zoom (magnification) greater than 1000%  on one or more elements or
    3) a corrupt image that just needs to be deleted and re-added.

    If you save your scribe online and provide the name, support can take a look,
    or if you attach it here, other members can look at it.

    and here is a thread about general guidelines for problem-free scribing.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Malcolm, thanks for your kind words about VideoScribe and it's great to speak to a Bristolian! Gert Lush as the saying goes.

    We are probably going to need to have a look at this Scribe so I will convert this post into a ticket.

    Please check your email for an update on this and ticket ref number.

    Thanks, Joe

  • All fixed now thank you my Babby

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