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  • Hi there,

    My name is Vlado Stojanov , and I am a looking forward to use your whiteboard writing software. I want to present my topic "Managing with electronic documentation in secondary schools using EMIS (Education Managament  Information System) and HRM(Human Resources Management)  programme in Republic of Macedonia" using your software with combination of Prezzi or Microsoft PPT. But, unfortunately I do not have money to pay for your software. Free 7-trial period will not be enough time for me to present my idea of presenting the topic. My wish is , if it is possible to use your software for a 3-4 months of period without paying. In Macedonia only PPP is used for presenting topics in post-graduated studies. I want to make a different approach. If you can ask for me , your authorities if they can let me finished my idea of presentation with your software for free, I will be very grateful to all of you. And my wish will become true. Please, forgive me if I said something wrong within this post, but it is very honest one.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best wishes to the team, you did a great and interesting software.

    Have a nice day.


    Vlado Stojanov,

    Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

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  • If you're in the academic world, this might help -

  • Dear Mr. Howlett,

    Thanks for your quick answer. Yes, I am in the academic world.  I already download the 7 days free trial period. I didn't install it yet. I am waiting for the day when my idea for how will my presentation will look like, to be circled in my mind. And because of that I do not want to rush and spend all 7 days free trial period. But, you will help me a lot, if there is some possibility to extend the 7 days free trial period.

    Thanks in advance and
    I wish you a very nice day.

    All the best.

    Vlado Stojanov


  • Hi Vlado

    The main aim of the trial period is to try out the software to see if it's what you need.  After that, we hope you will purchase a licence in order to make the scribes you wish.

    I appreciate that you are telling us you cannot afford it and we do want to help.  That's why I pointed you in the direction opf the Education licensing pages so that you can get an Education licence - at reduced cost - if this would help you.

    If you have access to an iPhone or iPad you could get the app for those as another alternative.

  • Dear Mr. Howlett


    You are right. Thanks for your support. I know already that your software will help me for presenting my idea within the presentation I will make.If you don't mind, if I have some further questions, I will contact you.

    Have a nice day.




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