limited morphing with color

  • True morphing may be challenging. But most of the time, I only rotate/translate/scale the same object (i.e. without transform to another object). Can we have at least these operations on same image/text with color support? Thanks!


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  • I agree wholeheartedly with Howard.  Every client asks for animated images that are morphed to retain their color. I have to tell them the software doesn't support it and find ways to cleverly move things around sans color or move it in from the borders.  Is there a timetable for morphing with color? Thanks! Karl

  • There is not a plan to implement morphing with colours but you could add it to our Ideas and features requests section and it will be considered for inclusion in a future release. 

    You may be able to achieve the effect you require using animated GIFs instead. 

    Using animated GIFs

    4 free tools to create animated GIFs
  • Actually my original proposal was not improving the morph function. Morph function will involve two different items. My proposal involves only one item. The animations (rotate/translate/scale) apply to same item.

    Yes, I can achieve the same result with a big animated GIF. But that will require a lot more works not counting if I need to make adjustment later.


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