Youtube playback only works about half of time - Version 2

  • I did not ever have this problem in the version 1

    In version 2:

    Upload to Youtube ... fine.

    (using MOV at 720)

    Half of the time the playback on Youtube is fine

    The other half of time either: I) get the circle in the middle of screen (waiting) and then the screen notice as on the attached file or 2) the opening screen will lock, even though the gray line at the bottom shows that the data is loading ... still no movement on screen.

    This issue SEEMS to be related to version 2 ... my version 1 videos all replay fine. 

  • Hi John

    It seems odd that they upload fine and then have problems.  Is your 'half the time' split over lots of uploads or on the same upload? (i.e. does the same scribe sometimes play and sometimes not?)

    If it's certain scribes then please do let support take a look at an example or two to see if we can see what might be causing it.  If any one scribe might play or not play then that sounds a bit trickier to identify.  It might be a YouTube thing.  Version 2's upload to YouTube process uses WMV which was not available in version 1.

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