narrations cuts out when uploaded to youtube

  • Hello,
    I made a video that you can see here

    At the very end of the video, the narration suddenly gets louder, then there is a pause, then it finishes but out of sync from where it should be. This is very frustrating.
    I've been saving and redoing it all day, replacing the audio track and saving and reloading to youtube. Please advise how I can fix this.

  • Hi,

    audio problems and tips:

    5) If your music or voiceover seems to be skipping, repeating or otherwise not working properly, make sure that you select the "loop music" option for the music soundtrack (on the music selection menu)." If you do not currently have a music track, you can try selecting a music track, looping it and setting the music volume to zero.

    Hope that helps,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • <video removed> already.. 'hoping that means you're all fixed :)

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