Producing "Sketches"

  • Producing Graphics for use in scribes:

    Could you tell me how people are producing custom complex sketches (not simple .svg graphics) that are used in VideoScribe? For example, how were the sketches produced in "Fly the Plane" at Can these all be done in InkScape? If so, is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to order the drawing of lines and fills?  Are the sketches done in layers and loaded separately into the scribe as .svg components in order to draw each layer separately?

    On a related note, can you tell me how these sketches are being inputted---using some sort of pen and tablet software? Could they be drawn with just a mouse and a PC in InkScape (I doubt it).


    ---A Happy VS User---

  • Hi Mark,

    I made the scribe you're talking about and I'd be glad to share my technique. It takes a combination of software. First I draw the images in Sketchbooks Pro. The program is the best for quick hi-rez sketching. Affordable at 75 bucks or so. It's not a vector image so I need to bring it into Adobe Illustrator where I simply trace over my image to create a path. I save this as a SVG file. Detailed instructions for this can be found at Sparkol's site. The rest of the steps are gravy. Just import to Video Scribe and adjust the timing to your liking. As close as you can get it. The trick here is to treat your piece as if it's a play on Broadway. Divide the story into acts. Save each act as an quicktime movie then import into iMovie or another editing software of your choice. Now that I've actually written out these steps, it does sound like there's a lot of hoops to jump through. But it's a process, like anything. If you break down the steps to baking a cake, it may seem like too much trouble but just think about the end result and it's all worth it. Hope this helps.  Tom


  • Thanks, Tom.  Very helpful.


  • Thanks Tom - that's great advice!  May there be many more tasty cakes baked as a result.

    So often we just dive in from the top without an endgame.

    For Mark: I hope that helps.  Here's an Instant Answer on the basics of creating your own SVGs, referred to by Tom.

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