Image quality when zoomed out

  • Hi there, I'm new to VideoScribe and have just upgraded.  Issue being that when using some stock images, they draw OK, but as soon as screen moves on, or pans out, they become blocks of black/colour.  I've changed the image quality settings in various grades from 400 to 2000 but it doesn't change the outcome.

    Also, when creating a new project, after a number of drawings have been placed on the whiteboard, and I attempt to move the tiles around in their position of order, the tile being moved jumps, hides behind other tiles, and moves unrelated tiles that have not been touched.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you

  • Hi Bjorn

    I've not seen blocks of black or colour before.  I've had a look at the last scribe you saved online:  I'm not sure if it's the one you mean but I notice there seems to be an issue with the image 'Add to Cart' - when zoomed out, it's not there, or looks like a green square, when zoomed back in, it shows again.  I removed the image and put it back in and found that the issuer remains.  I've raised it with the developers to see if they can see why.  It's a bit strange!  Is there another image you could choose in the meantime?

    Regarding the timeline, we are working on issues relating to it.  There have been incidental improvements noticed since releasing version 2.0.1 as thre have been some memory improvements.  We aim to eradicate the issues in the next release, due very soon.

    If you're not on version 2.0.1 yet, please do upgrade to it now.

    I hope that helps.

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