Upgrade from free to Pro version but stranded

  • I have upgraded and went trough all instructions to access Sparkol but are continuously  reminded that I must upgrade. Upgrade was through Bluenap according to information transaction was approved. No documents under Statements and Invoices.Would appreciate prompt advise 

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  • Hi Louis,

    I have looked at your account and am unable to see any invoices or subscription details.

    Have you had any confirmations with regard to the transaction?

    Is it possible that you have another account that has been upgraded and you are logging in to the wrong account?

    It may also be possible that the transaction was not successful.

  • Hi. I Have the same problem! I receved a confirmation in my email from Bluenap but the trial is still running in my sesion. Do you speak spanish? thanks

  • Hi Natalia,

    Please try to log in to the software again.

    You will need to close down the software and open it again.


  • Hello,

    I downloadest he latest version. When I want to start it say „You need a Pro Account“.

    But I have a Pro-Account.

    What to do?


  • Try to log in again Roland please.


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