RazrFalcon SVG Cleaner issues

  • In the blog there is an article entitled, "9 Free tools to pimp VideoScribe"


    I downloaded the RazrFalcon SVG Cleaner and it does significantly reduce the file size of SVG's thus reducing the file size of scribes, however when outputting the file the rendered movie using the cleaned SVG's is larger than the same movied with SVG's straight from Adobe Illustrator. Why is that? What is the point then of using the SVG Cleaner if ultimately the movie size is also not reduced? Also, graphics that have been modified by SVG cleaner no longer draw properly. Instead of drawing the stroke hidden by the outline the SVG graphic put through the cleaner only the outline is drawn. I have put two files where I did a comparison on the cloud to show the difference. They are, 'Test with regular SVG' and 'Test with cleaned SVG'.

    I'm not sure I would recommend this product. It adds an extra step and doesn't help reduce the file size of rendered scribes.

  • Hi Tricia

    I've had a look at the scribes that you saved online.  I see what you mean: the program certainly made your SVGs smaller (5,408 KB down to 308 KB)!

    I also agree the images didn't draw brilliantly although I can see they were struggling a bit before the change.  Though we do think the program is good and worth mentioning, it does have a number of settings that can need reviewing and still there will be some images that it doesn't do a great job with.  It does depend on the SVG.

    Just to clarify, reducing the scribe size is good because it stops the scribe getting too large whilst you're working on it.  It will not have any affect on the final rendered video as the size of this is governed by the length of the scribe, the size of frame(e.g. 1080) and the format that the video is rendered to (e.g. WMV).

    Here are some tips on getting SVGs to draw well in VideoScribe

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