how to find video on the cloud?

  • Does anybody know how a viewer can find the scribe on the videoscribe cloud?

    What address do they use to see it?

    Thanks very much for any help

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  • Hi,

    Videoscribe only uses the cloud to save your work files that you can open and edit in videoscribe. (Not videos)

    If you want to show someone a video you will need to do something like render the video and send it to the person or upload the rendered video to youtube and send a youtube link to the person.

    instant answer for rendering a scribe:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi

    I have a free trial which will end on Tuesday 20th Jan, when I hope to present my Videosribe presentation to my directors. Will my work still be available after the 7 day trial or will it disappear,as I am hoping to get them to pay for the package when they have seen my work. I also don't want to spend hours on this if I cannot use it next week.

    Thank you

  • None of your work will disappear unless you delete them. However, you will not be able to open any work files if you do not have an active videoscribe account. You will still be able to watch any exported videos that you have made, and anything uploaded to youtube will remain on youtube unless you or youtube delete it.

    If you upgrade (the same account) to a paying account later, your work that you have saved locally or online will still be there unless you have deleted it. Don't use any disk cleanup tools that might seek out and delete your local work files

    I would recommend saving a copy of your work file online and possibly exporting the work file as a .scribe (standalone) file as well if you want to have backups.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi, I made a 7 day trial account and saved my work on the cloud. I submitted it to my teacher and she was unable to access it and my trial expired. How can I get the project that I made back? 

  • Hi,
    If you are using videoscribe for a class project, you are probably expected to publish it as a video to youtube or facebook or powerpoint, while your account is active.

    Projects saved to the cloud folder are only editable work files, accessible by logging into videoscribe. They are not videos that can be viewed by clicking a link or opened with a media player or a browser. You can only access projects saved to the cloud folder by logging into the same active account that saved them. You can't log into videoscribe without an active account.

    If you raise a support ticket, you might be able to get an extra day added to your free trial. Otherwise, you probably need to pay for a subscription to continue using videoscribe.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I have a presentation today and my videoscribe expired, can I have an extra day to present, please. 

  • You should probably raise a ticket to contact customer support . They work mon-fri during regular UK business hours.

  • @Giavonna - no problem, you have another 24 hours trial access from now

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